Wood restoration

Wood rot is the biggest enemy of your wood. The wood fungus that is caused and fed by moisture can affect your woodwork at a high rate. It is therefore very important that your home is protected against rain and has good drainage. We always check window frames, doors, door frames, gutters and fascia for the presence of wood rot, both before and during the work.

Incidentally, the presence of wood rot does not always have to be fatal. 079-Schilderwerken specializes in woodrot repairs. With a professional repair we can prevent you from spending a lot of money replacing the woodwork. But it is important that we are quick.

Working with high quality materials
Just like with paint, we also work on repairing wood rot with high-quality materials. This is how we use the products of Repair Care. Repair Care has developed a unique system with which we can restore the wood in a sustainable way. Because good products alone are not sufficient for the correct execution of a repair, Repair Care has been running painting and DIY companies for years. 079-Schilderwerken has been trained up to and including Level 03. With this we are officially recognized by Repair Care and Renovaid.

We would love to see you
Do you want us to come to your woodwork? Contact us and we make an appointment.

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079-Schilderwerken is a professional painting company that is why we only work with A-brand products for the professional market.

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