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A color says everything

Choosing the right color for your home, office or business premises is often not easy. 079-Schilderwerken has a sense of style, attention to harmony and ideas about colors. We therefore gladly guide you in making the right choice.

When you make a choice for color, we advise you to take into account a number of things:

• The color of other materials, such as the facade and the roof tiles
• The environment of your home
• The sunshine on your home
• Whether you are bound by color agreements (you can check this with your municipality)

But also the position of the sun in relation to the woodwork is important when choosing the right color. Light shades reflect more sunlight with dark shades retaining heat. A lighter color is therefore always a bit more sustainable in many cases.

A picture says more
Nevertheless, we can imagine that it remains difficult to choose a new color. To make your choice easier, 079-Schilderwerken now offers the possibility to send us a photograph of your object. We will edit this photo for you in the colors in which you want your object to be painted. This way you get a good picture of the final result.

RAL colors
We mainly use so-called RAL colors for outdoor work. RAL is a coding system to define colors of paint and other coatings. 079-Schilderwerken has both RAL and ordinary color fans available for inspection and is happy to give you expert advice when making the right choice.

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079-Schilderwerken is a professional painting company that is why we only work with A-brand products for the professional market.

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